S7 - Make Leather Shoes - Aug 6-10, 2018


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S7 - Make Leather Shoes - Aug 6-10, 2018

Dates:   Aug 6-10, 2018

Class Times: Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm; Fri 9am-2:30pm

Instructor:  Molly Grant

Open Studio: Mon-Thurs7-9pm

The Cordwainer Shoe workshop begins with an introduction by Molly Grant, which includes a brief history of the Cordwainer Shop, founded in 1925. Students are then invited to tell about themselves and their call to shoe making. Using original tin patterns from the 1920s, students will learn about basic pattern-making and the steady-paced class will move forward from there. From start to finish, this process is 100% hands-on shoe work. Students choose from an array of leathers and their shoes are made to their exact foot measurement. From cutting the leather, lacing the uppers together and culminating with hand-lacing the soles to the uppers, Cordwainer shoes are unique in the world of shoemaking. The final product leaves the students feeling amazed and proud of their unique shoes.

Material Cost: $250

About the Instructor:

Molly Grant began leatherworking in her early 20's, first by working on her own and then by apprenticing at the Black Swan Leather shop in Portsmouth, NH, where she learned the basic skills of traditional leatherworking. Molly first saw Cordwainer Shoes when she was ten years old at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's Fair, known nationally as the oldest craft fair in the nation. She became a juried member in 1989, and participated by showing her line of handbags. There, she had the opportunity to meet Paul Mathews, owner of the Cordwainer Shop. Within a few months' time Molly was traveling to craft shows nationally with Paul and learning the Cordwainer art. Moll

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