WS15 - Intaglio (Solar) Printmaking Workshop - May 13-14, 2017


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WS15 - Intaglio (Solar) Printmaking Workshop - May 13-14, 2017

Dates:  May 13 - 14, 2017

Class Times: Sat 9am-4pm Sun 9am-4pm

Instructor:  Roger Hyndman

Open Studio:  None

Explore the heritage of the intaglio printmaker, utilizing historic concepts and techniques to influence your approach to contemporary printmaking. Intaglio (Solarplate) Printmaking is a highly versatile and expressive medium, transforming original drawings, paintings, collage, vintage and/or contemporary photographs, JPEG’S, and copier art into high quality etchings. Create an Intaglio (Solarplate) etching using UV light (the sun) without losing your image. Enjoy developing your plate with ordinary tap water, printing with an intaglio (etching) press, and cleaning up without the use of turps. You will not use any acids. Intaglio (Solarplate) Printmaking will appeal to artists of all levels, from students and beginners to experienced printmakers, photographers, painters, and artists of all media. The focus will be upon utilizing the tools of the intaglio printmaker, your potential and creativity as an artist, the simplicity of creating an etching, plate processing, and the production of professional artwork. You will be engaged in a variety of artistic skills and techniques; the production of printmaking practices, and participating in critiques.

Material Cost:  Varies

About the Instructor: 

As a practicing artist I'm striving to find and record a balance between the natural environment and man's imprint upon the environment. My recent work is focused upon recording the harmony and balance that exists between man's creative expressions and natures majestic forms and beauty. At times this journey is interrupted by

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