WS5 - Sequencing - March 19, 2017


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WS5 - Sequencing - March 19, 2017

Dates:  March 19, 2017

Class Times:  Sun 9am-4pm

Instructor:  Tom Borden

Open Studio:  None

Sequencing is an approach to painting developed at the River Gallery School in Brattleboro Vt. It is an entry way to painting for all levels - the beginner and the experienced. “It offers the opportunity to suspend many of our prejudices and to reformulate and deepen our processes of art making.” It does this through a meditative stripped down approach to making a simple oil painting. The only tools employed are a stick, a scraper and your hands. Even the process of looking is stripped down to a commonality of image - such as a seascape. Through the repetitive motion of making the same image in a sequence of three, self-doubt and self-criticism can be suspended in favor nonjudgmental self-expression with paint. This workshop is a fun way to have great day painting - taping into the freedom of your creativity.

Materials Fee:  $5

About the Instructor:

Tom has been a Professional Educator for 20 years. He has a Masters in Education with two BAs - History and Archaeology - state certified HQT in eight subjects including Art. A life long proponent of visual thinking strategies in education He is offering this workshop to share the River Gallery School Sequencing method - one designed “to help overcome blocks to creativity (personal and cultural)” .

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