Y4 - Exploring Small Things in Nature Through Drawing- July 9-13,2018


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Y4 - Exploring Small Things in Nature Through Drawing- July 9-13,2018

Dates:  July 9-13, 2017

Class Times: Mon-Fri 9am-3pm

Instructor:  Sonya Vickers

Open Studio:  None

 Have you ever really observed a bug long enough to be able to draw it? This course will introduce students to observation of natural objects and allow them to learn details that are too easy to miss in our fast paced world. There will be time to sit in a meadow and observe the kinds of flowers that grow there and the tiny bugs that make these flowers their home. We will also explore the life in a nearby stream by actually getting into it. Field microscopes will be available to spy on a very different world than the one we inhabit. Students will be able to record their observations in a nature journal similar to the ones made by Lewis and Clark on their journey across the continent. Ages 7-15

Material Cost:  $20

About the Instructor: 

Sonya Vickers has taught ecology and nature journaling courses for 10 years, developing a program where students observe nature by taking the time to draw details they see in journals. Her training is in Biology and Environmental Science from Hartwick College, Wesleyan Univ., American International College, and the Univ. of Mass. She has given seminars in this technique to the Massachusetts Environmental Education Society and the Springfield Naturalists Club.

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