FW20 - Crochet for Beginners - November 2-3, 2019


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FW20 - Crochet for Beginners - November 2-3, 2019

Dates:  November 2-3 2019

Class Times: Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 9am-2:30pm

Instructor:  Debi Orton

Open Studio:  None

Many of us didn’t have an older relative around to teach us how to tat, knit or crochet, but would like to learn. Crochet is a way of releasing stress, and can be downright meditative. It’s not a hard skill to learn, but it’s difficult to learn on your own. Spend a weekend with yarn and a crochet hook, and we think you’ll be hooked. By the time the class is over, you’ll know the five basic stitches, a couple of more complicated ones, how to make a granny square, and how to join your squares together. With practice, you’ll be making afghans, baby blankets and many more gifts for family and friends -- and yourself!

Material Cost: : $10 for yarn and a crochet hook (or bring a yarn of your choice and $7 for the hook). You will keep the hook.

About the Instructor: 

Debi learned to crochet from her great grandmother, a Women’s Christian Temperance Union member who obsessively crocheted granny square afghans for men incarcerated for being drunk and disorderly. Each week she would deliver several afghans and the same number of Bibles to the local jail. Debi has crocheted gifts and items to sell for many years. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Society of Vermont Artists and Craftsmen, Inc., the organization that owns and operates the Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts.

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