WS14 - Creating Custom Cabochon Settings - April 25, 2020


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WS14 - Creating Custom Cabochon Settings - April 25, 2020

Dates:  April 25, 2020

Class Times: Saturday 9am-4pm

Instructor:  Debi Orton

Open Studio:  Variable

Stones with rounded domes are referred to as cabochons. The most typical setting for cabochons is a bezel setting. A bezel is a strip of wire that is soldered to a backing and wraps tightly around the stone. Beginning silversmiths set calibrated cabochons using calibrated, pre-formed settings. In this course, we'll examine at the options for setting stones of non-standard shapes and sizes. By the end of this class you should be able to create a basic bezel setting for any stone. Ideally, students will have taken one of our basic silversmithing courses, or have other experience working with stones and metal.

Material Cost:  $50 - $80+
Lab fee (to cover the cost of consumables)- $20

About the Instructor: 

Debi Orton is an experienced silversmith who has helped Hal Bosco teach his classes at Fletcher Farm for the past ten years. She serves on Board of Directors of the Society of Vermont Artists and Craftsmen, and works as the School and Publicity Director at the Fletcher Farm School for Arts and Crafts. She's also a writer, editor, and fiber artist.

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