History of Fletcher Farm

Our mission is to provide accessible, quality arts and crafts education, teaching traditional and innovative techniques in a historic Vermont setting, while promoting community involvement and entrepreneurship.

Since its inception in 1947, the Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts has offered thousands of classes in traditional and emerging arts and crafts, many led by world-class instructors.

The Fletcher farm was originally settled in 1783 by Jesse Fletcher and remained in the Fletcher family until it was given to the non-profit Fletcher Farm Foundation, Inc., in 1933. One condition of the bequest was that the Foundation devote part of the property to be used for educational purposes for the inhabitants of Ludlow and Cavendish.

Work in progress in one of our painting classes.
Work in Progress in one of our outdoor painting classes.

In 1947, the Foundation granted use of the farm to the Society of Vermont Artists and Craftsmen, Inc. The Society’s agreement with the Foundation included two primary missions: to establish a permanent arts and crafts school, and to help members find markets for their work. The Society celebrated its 75th Anniversary of the School in 2022.

Today, the Society operates both the School and the Gift and Craft Shop, and holds two Art and Craft Festivals each summer for its members.