Art Adventures at Fletcher Farm

Images of different art activities at kids adventure camp: 3D masks, paint exploration, loom weaving, drawing in nature, and nature's 3D sculptures

Welcome to Art Adventures at Fletcher Farm, where young artists aged 7 to 12 will embark on a week-long journey of creativity and art exploration!

This dynamic workshop is designed to ignite imaginations, foster artistic skills, and provide diverse artistic experiences.


  • Engaging lessons tailored to different skill levels
  • Hands-on activities that encourage experimentation and creativity
  • Opportunities to learn new techniques and express individual style
  • A supportive environment fostering confidence and artistic growth
  • Lunch Break: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (with games)


Cardboard and paint designing 3-D masks
DAY 1: MASK MAKING MONDAY Instructor: Marcia Dockum

Using cardboard, paint, yarn, and more, students will craft larger-than-life masks. With Marcia’s guidance, you’ll explore techniques from structure building to intricate detailing. Perfect for all skill levels, this immersive experience promises a day of artistic expression and discovery. Leave with a stunning 3-D masterpiece reflecting your unique vision and creativity.

Variety of paint
DAY 2: PAINTING EXPLORATION Instructor: Rachel Karner

Students will use all kinds of paint throughout the day — from watercolor and tempera to acrylics. You will experiment with many painting techniques that combine oil, pastels, inks, and salts. Get inspired by famous painters like Georgia, O’Keeffe, Peter Max, Vincent van Gogh, and Yayoi Kusama to create your expressive painting projects.

3 examples of woven art
DAY 3: WEAVING WEDNESDAY Instructor: Christa Valente

Explore a world of color, pattern, and texture through weaving. Students will learn the basics of weaving. Using a lap loom, vibrant yarn, and found embellishments you’ll create your fabric masterpieces from scratch. Walk away with a finished product, which may be a choice of a funky wall hanging, mini tapestry, or small bag. Every project will be a unique expression of personal creativity.

Exploring Nature and Drawing your surroundings
DAY 4: DRAWING FROM NATURE Instructor: Piper Strong

Students will have the opportunity to draw with inspiration directly from nature. Through guided exercises and techniques, you will learn to observe natural objects closely and capture their essence and beauty through art. The day will emphasize the importance of respecting and cherishing our natural environment and fostering a deeper appreciation for the world around us.

Gathering found objects to create sculptures in nature
DAY 5: NATURE SCULPTURE Instructor: Marcia Dockum

Students will explore the beautiful grounds at Fletcher Farm, gathering natural objects to create one-of-a-kind sculptures. You’ll learn to appreciate the textures, shapes, and colors of rocks, leaves, branches, and more through observation and experimentation. There are no right or wrong answers in art — just endless opportunities for creativity and fun.

People viewing at an art gallery

Each Art Adventure at Fletcher Farm session ends with students showcasing their creations in an exciting art parade and show. Friends, family, and the public are invited to celebrate students’ achievements and witness their artistic talents on display.
The parade will begin at 1:00pm on Friday followed by the art show. All are welcome!


Special thanks to a team of spectacular art teachers generously donating their time to deliver this program for Fletcher Farm School for the Arts & Crafts as we continue to work behind the scenes during our “pause year.” Without the support of Marcia, Rachel, Christa, and Piper this program would not exist.

Scholarships are made possible by a generous grant from Ballard-Hobart American Legion Post 36, Ludlow, the Fletcher Farm Foundation Ludlow/Cavendish Resident Subsidy Program, and our artists Joyce Fuller and Layne Herschel and patrons who support the Young Artist Scholarship Fund each year.


Marcia Dockum is a dedicated art educator with 39 years of experience in the public school system. Marcia has passionately shared her love for the arts throughout her tenure, inspiring countless students to explore their creativity. Marcia’s legacy as an educator is defined by her unwavering dedication and profound influence on generations of aspiring artists.

Rachel Karner has been teaching art for 8+ years. She has worked in Ludlow, Mt. Holly, and Cavendish Public Schools, as well as at Fletcher Farm School. She teaches because she loves being with students while they create and fall into that incredible headspace that art gives. She believes that art helps brains build problem-solving skills, strengthens the imagination, and grows skills in our hands, eyes, and minds.

Christa Valente is a native of Ludlow and grew up, taking a variety of classes at Fletcher Farm School. She received her bachelor degree from St. Michael’s College in elementary education and art, and is certified to teach grades K-12. Currently, she is an art teacher at Green Mountain Union High School. She offers traditional and digital art classes, as well as a variety of craft-oriented classes to students at Green Mountain.

Piper Strong With nearly four decades of teaching and art experience, Piper has followed her passion throughout her career. “Art isn’t just a hobby — it’s my identity and communication medium.” Sculpture and painting have been lifelong pursuits, shaping her journey as a professional visual artist. Passionate about teaching, Piper finds joy in guiding aspiring artists from high school through college and now at Expeditionary School at Black River. Piper is also the new board chair at Fletcher Farm School. She is eager to inspire and share her artistic vision through this workshop.


Space limited, so reserve your spot early!
Registration is open for both Session 1 and Session 2 and is limited to one session per participant.

$275.00 for the week (5 days)
Limited scholarships are available on a first-come need-based tuition available.

July 15-19 and July 22-26, 2024
Our local art teachers have generously contributed, allowing us to offer two 5-day workshops for children ages 7-12. Workshops are from 9:00-3:00 PM each day, with an extended day session from 3:00-5:00 PM each day. Our goal is to serve as many children as possible. Funding is provided by contributions to the Young Artist Scholarship Fund and Ballard-Hobart American Legion Post 36, Ludlow.

Please keep the following in mind as you complete these forms:

  1. There is no registration fee, and all supplies will be provided. Extended day service is an additional $10.00 per day.
  2. Participation is limited to one session per child. Registration is for the full 5 days. 
  3. If you are applying for more than one child, you will need to complete a separate form for each child.
  4. Registration and scholarships are need-based and on a first-come, first-served basis until the courses are full, or our funds are depleted. You will be notified as soon as a decision is made. Your child will be added to a waiting list if the course is full, and we will discuss options if scholarship funds are depleted.
  5. The full cost of tuition is $275.00. There is limited scholarship funding available. All students are eligible for ONE of two funding programs: Fletcher Farm Foundation Resident Discount Program OR Young Artist Scholarship Program. Each program covers half the cost of tuition ($137.50). This allows us to serve as many children as possible. Extended day program is not part of tuition fees. (Further financial assistance bel
    • Full-time residents of Ludlow, Cavendish, and Proctorsville: 50% tuition discount is provided by the Fletcher Farm Foundation. Proof of Residency (POR) is required and can be obtained through your Town Clerk.
    • All others may apply for a Young Artist Scholarship, which covers half the cost of tuition.
  6. The application form must be fully completed. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. All information is confidential.
  7. Payment is due upon application. Your child’s spot in the workshop will not be guaranteed until we have received payment. (See refund and cancellation policy)
  8. We strive to serve every child.
    • If you need further financial assistance, please contact
    • If you are able to pay the full tuition cost and/or can donate toward the Young Artist Scholarship Fund, you will be helping another child in need.

Direct questions to 802-228-8770 or email Thank you for your time, and for working with us to make this experience an unforgettable one for your child.

Submit your completed form with payment

Fletcher Farm School for the Arts & Crafts
611 Route 103 S
Ludlow, VT  05149

Please be sure that your child will be able to participate fully in the class for which they have applied to attend. If, for any reason, your child is unable to attend, you must give 30-day notice. If we can fill the spot, then you will receive a refund. If we are unable to fill the spot, there will be a $50 cancellation fee, and it will be deducted from your refund.

Art Adventures at Fletcher Farm is from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm each day.  We ask that you bring your child to class 10 minutes before the designated time, and pick them up promptly at the end of class each day (or extended day session). Meals and snacks are not provided. Please send snacks, a drink, and lunch with your child each day. 
I give my child permission to attend the session/extended day(s) indicated in the application. 
I understand I will be responsible for bringing my child to class, providing a drink, snacks, and lunch, and picking my child up promptly at the end of class each day.
I agree to the above requirements. 
I agree to allow non-identifying photographs of my child to be used in School publicity and advertisements. This may include our website, social posts, and Constant Contact mailings.