FW22 – Making Birch Bark Ornaments (Ages 11 – Adult) – November 14, 2021

FW22 – Making Birch Bark Ornaments (Ages 11 – Adult) – November 14, 2021


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Class Description:

Enjoy the simple pleasure of creating a decoration or gift from local materials that have been responsibly harvested.  Utilizing techniques common to the Scandinavian and Russian style of basketry, you will craft birds and stars using strips of inner bark from the paper birch tree.  The class includes a discussion on how the material is harvested and some participation in the preparation of the bark. No experience necessary but it does require good finger dexterity.

Instructor Biography:

Penny Hewitt is passionate about revitalizing and sharing traditional skills, particularly in the form of black ash and birch bark basketry. She transforms natural materials from the surrounding forests into objects of beauty that are useful in everyday life. She is inspired by the traditions of other cultures, and is grateful for the opportunities of connection that her craft cultivates. Her experience includes teaching workshops to all ages, as well as crafting for income and pleasure.

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November 14, 2021


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Class Hours:

9:00 – 4:00