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Your Gift Today Builds our Next 75 Years

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Please donate today to help support art and craft programming and artisan entrepreneurship.  By donating you are supporting our mission:

  • provide accessible, quality arts and crafts education,
  • teach traditional and innovative techniques in a historic Vermont setting and,
  • promote community involvement and entrepreneurship.

See how your donation amount can help us:

  • $60 can help us provide local youths with a scholarship to take a class (full cost $120 each).
  • $150 can support learning-ready classrooms with internet and new equipment (full cost $5,000).
  • $300 can help us host community events showcasing local artists (full cost $6,000)
  • $600 can support staffing the school office and craft shop during our busiest summer months (full cost $30,000)

ANY AMOUNT you choose can help our school grow to be a more vibrant, sustainable community (full cost infinite)


As a 501c3 charitable organization your donation is tax deductible. Visit with your employer human resources office to see if gift matching is available.  Double your gift to Fletcher Farm School for the Arts & Crafts just by asking; companies often match retired employee contributions too.


Outdoor Painting Workshop

Accessible Quality Workshops

One-to-five day classes are offered from early spring through late fall. These classes cross more than 12 artisan disciplines and are taught by professional instructors whose craft is their lifelong passion. Courses are accessible to beginner and intermediate learners and beyond. Many teachers take our courses during the summer for continuing education credits.

Our Goal:   We hope to have 55 workshops and introduce several new instructors and subjects in 2023 and serve 250 students. Our Young Artists Scholarship Program served 53 local kids (ages 7 – 17) last year. We really want to be able to accept every applicant to the youth scholarship program! For a donation of $120 (that’s only $10 a month) you can provide a local young artist with a scholarship to attend a workshop.


Craft Shop

Support Entrepreneurship through our Craft and Gift Shop

The Artisan Craft & Gift Shop is located on the well-traveled Rt.103, giving our members visibility to the community and visitors. Open throughout the summer, Vermont-made products offer an outlet for income and exposure for our members. Several of our students have had their first sales experience through the craft shop.

Our Goal:  Our artisan and craftsman retail shop offers exposure to visitors and tourists to purchase unique Vermont-crafted goods. In addition, the participating artists, some of whom learned their craft through Fletcher Farm School workshops, get exposure and benefit from sales of their work throughout the season. Our goal is to support entrepreneurship by offering a venue where members can teach their craft to others and have an outlet for selling their work.



Build Community through our Festivals

Promoting entrepreneurship through festivals gives an outlet to local artisans to sell their work. As a community builder, these events increase awareness of everything the school has to offer. Community partners also join us to celebrate the School and our local artists and artisans.

Our Goal:  Our festivals are fantastic community gatherings. We have two festivals planned for 2023 and our goal is to expand the number of vendors displaying and selling their work to the broader community. Creating a sense of learning by setting up demonstrations and offering hands-on activities will encourage visitors to stay longer and mingle with local artists and crafters.

Read our 2022 YEAR IN REVIEW REPORT to see our accomplishments.