F4 – Shepherd’s Rug – July 10-12, 2021

F4 – Shepherd’s Rug – July 10-12, 2021


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Advance registration is required for all classes. 

Please review our health and safety policy.

Registration Deadline: July 1, 2021

Class Description:

A shepherd rug is based on heritage braided area rugs. Braided rugs are made with cloth braids that are laced together in a flat construction in banded patterns, but shepherd rugs are made with roving (wool that has been washed and combed into long bundles of fiber).  The roving is felted then braided. The braids are then laced in the traditional style.  As an added distinctive embellishment, a design is needle felted on the rug.  Shepherd rugs are a great way to give a traditional heritage craft a new twist.

Students should bring pictures for the final needle felted design.  Instructor will provide all other material.  If a student desires a certain color, please let the instructor know before the start of class.

NOTE: Tuition includes a $25 one-time registration fee. If you have already paid the fee, it will be deducted from your total before your card is charged.

Instructor Biography:

Sue Carey first started raising sheep 30 years ago and became interested in using her sheep’s fiber for needle felting over 20 years ago. Being a fiber artist and shepherd, are two passions that integrate extremely well with the sheep’s wool providing raw material for her artistic endeavors. As a shepherd, she has gained extensive knowledge of wool including proper ways of nurturing, genetics, handing, and processing. A Bachelor of Science in Biology helps with the visual creation of realistic birds and animals. She enjoys experimenting with different techniques to craft her unique sculptures. Sue teaches her style of felting throughout the Northeast.


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July 10-12, 2021


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