WS15 – Acrylic Pour…What is it? (Ages 11 – Adult)- May 7, 2022

WS15 – Acrylic Pour…What is it? (Ages 11 – Adult)- May 7, 2022


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Class Description:

In this class students will be working with acrylic paint and canvas, experimenting with colors and textures. Paint is spread onto the canvas and with your hands moving paint around the canvas, the paint will blend the colors and create unique patterns on the canvas. Abstraction is the key here. Acrylic pour is all the rage on YouTube and various other social media sites, and if you’ve ever wanted to try it, here’s your chance. You’ll leave with several examples and finished pieces.

Instructor Biography:

Sandi Cirillo is a retired art educator who gives many different classes throughout the Northeast. She exhibits her work locally and nationally and you can see examples of her work on her website, Sandi lives in Searsport, Maine, where she has her studio. She has been working in fiber for over 30 years.



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May 7, 2022


Class Hours:

9:00 – 12:00

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