WS21 - Nature and Landscape Photography - May 11-15, 2020


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WS21 - Nature and Landscape Photography - May 11-15, 2020

Dates:  May 11-15, 2020, 2019

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Instructor:  Ted Schiffman

Open Studio: None

Join celebrated wildlife photographer Ted Schiffman for a thorough exploration of the local Vermont flora and fauna. In addition to providing professional advice on photography equipment and techniques, Ted provides an artist’s perspective on such concepts as composition and developing an eye for forms, textures, colors, and the moods of nature. Unlike most nature and wildlife photographers, he does not usually deal with the sweeping landscapes and grandiose images. His forte is the intimate, the close, the real – images that are a feast for the eyes and excite the imagination.

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About the Instructor: 

Ted Schiffman developed an interest and direction in color photography as a natural outlet for his many years of training and study as an artist. He is a fastidious and skillful darkroom craftsman, and is equally at home in the world of digital photography. He believes that, “the complete photographer should see his work through to the end, from taking the image to making the print.” Ted studied with Ansel Adams, and his collection of prints illustrates not only his fine artistic and photographic capabilities, but also a love and respect for the inherent beauty of nature’s many subjects. Committed to revealing this beauty, not creating it, Ted rarely exercises the photographer’s prerogative of technical distortion, either in the field or in the darkroom.

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