S10 – Gemstone Trees – August 7, 2021

S10 – Gemstone Trees – August 7, 2021


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Registration Deadline: July 29, 2021

Class Description:

Using wire and real gemstones, we will create gorgeous tiny trees– each one as unique as it’s creator!  Each beautiful tree will sit on a sturdy base you choose in class: we’ll have interesting stones, unusual pieces of wood, and slices of agate. Or, bring your own special piece you’d like to create around! You should be able to complete two trees in the class period.  One for you and one for a gift?

Students are encouraged to bring a pair of small needle nose pliers if possible. All other necessary supplies, including wire, gemstones and use of a project specific tool are included in the class fee.

NOTE: Tuition includes a $25 one-time registration fee. If you have already paid the fee, it will be deducted from your total before your card is charged.

Lyn Parker Haas

Lyn Parker Haas has focused her work on Pine Needle basketry, studying with Nadine Spire and Pal Talsky, both very accomplished pine needle basket makers. While working to get “really good” at one craft, she enjoys exploring others: reed baskets, braiding, Zentangle and now Gem Trees. She has taught in Wyoming. Lyn’s first year at the Fletcher Farm Festival was 2016, and her baskets are on exhibit in Bellows Falls, VT.

Nancy Conway

Nancy Conway lives 7 months a year in Florida and 5 months in New Hampshire. She has made reed baskets for 20 years but once she moved to Florida, she learned to make pine needle baskets from Viola Knudson, a well-known pine needle basket maker. Nancy not only enjoys making basket but also a variety of other crafts such as gourds, Zentangle®, and lately gem trees.


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