W4 – Beginning Green Wood Spoon Carving – July 25-26, 2020

W4 – Beginning Green Wood Spoon Carving – July 25-26, 2020


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Class Description

Green wood spoon making relies on the combination of easy-to-carve, freshly harvested hardwood, razor sharp tools, and steady, thoughtful technique.  Students will be introduced to various tool handling techniques involved in transforming freshly harvested green wood into personal wooden spoons for use cooking, serving, and eating.  The schedule will be dictated by the skill and progression of the group.  Day one will focus on preparing green wood spoon blanks, including hatchet techniques, sawing stop cuts, and shaping with the shaving horse, drawknife, and spoke shave.  Day two will be devoted to working with the straight and bent knife, learning safe knife holds and carving techniques, drying, and decorative embellishments such as finials, chip carving, and kohlrosing.  Overall attention will be devoted to safe and attentive tool handling and practicing the basic techniques.

Instructor Biography:

André Souligny has been a wooden spoon maker for over 20 years.  André began spoon making as a pre-industrial technology major in college, and eventually started selling his spoons, demonstrating spoon making at living history events, providing individual and group instruction, and is a licensed street vendor in Montpelier, VT where he demonstrates the craft in front of City Hall.  His teaching/demonstration experiences include Goddard College, Sterling College, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park, Col. Paul Wentworth House in NH, Amherst Historical Society in NH, Shelburne Farms and many other independent venues.

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