Y10 – Parent/Child Project: Weaving a Footstool – August 23, 2021

Y10 – Parent/Child Project: Weaving a Footstool – August 23, 2021


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Advance registration is required for all classes. Before registering, please review Vermont’s Cross-State Quarantine Policy.

Please review our classroom policy during the health emergency.

Class Description:

This is a workshop for you and your child/grandchild/friend, or your child can feel free to attend alone.  With assistance, children will weave a seat on a sturdy footstool, using a variety of brightly colored reeds. They will learn the basic herringbone pattern.  Students need to bring a hand towel and apron to class. The footstools measure approximately 12” x 9” x 8” high.

NOTE:  Scissors are necessary for this class.  If you’d prefer your child not use scissors, please plan to be in class with him/her.

Instructor Biography:

Murray Hill Weaving is Jean Reed’s dream come true – resulting from her love of basketry, and weaving for over 40 years.  Basketry took a natural turn into chair seating and other types of art.  Located at 685 Murray Hill Road, Hill, NH, the heart of New England, Jean teaches an array of classes in her shop and around the country.  You’ll always find talented artists from all over the world sharing their knowledge and skills with students at MHW. Visit me at www.MurrayHillWeaving.com.


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