Y7 – Everyone Can Be An Artist (Children’s Version) – August 2-6, 2021

Y7 – Everyone Can Be An Artist (Children’s Version) – August 2-6, 2021


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Advance registration is required for all classes. Before registering, please review Vermont’s Cross-State Quarantine Policy.

Please review our classroom policy during the health emergency.

Class Description:

We’ll be using a variety of techniques, no paint brush needed here. Let’s use Q-tips, string, chain and other items as we learn this new way to paint.  You will be surprised how using some found objects from the home we can make wonderful paintings and note cards.  Please wear old clothes as painting can be messy.

Instructor Biography:

Tunbridge, VT resident and owner of Country Spirit Baskets, Dona Nazarenko has been weaving and teaching classes for over 33 years.  Her studio has 125 reed basket choices and over 80 birch bark baskets for the student.  She travels, teaching at art schools, basket guilds and conventions.  Basketry is Dona’s main interest. She also enjoys sewing and painting. Over the years Dona has won several awards. She also teaches students how they can be an award-winning student if they choose.



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