We will send a Supply List for each class where you need to obtain your own supplies. The Materials Fee shown is given directly to the instructor for materials that he or she provides for your use.

NOTE: Tuition includes a $25 one-time registration fee. If you have already paid the fee, it will be deducted from your total before your card is charged.

DateClass NoClassInstructorTuitionMaterials FeeRegistration Deadline
6/3/22 – 6/5/22Q1Liberated QuiltingSusan Damone Balch$355None5/24/22
6/11/22 am onlyF4Felted LandscapesSandi Cirillo$100$126/1/22
6/11/22 pm onlyF5Silk ShiboriSandi Cirillo$100$126/1/22
6/12/22B4Make a Versatile BasketDona Nazarenko$175$386/2/22
6/11/22 – 6/12/22S9Barn QuiltsJanet Flinchbaugh$235$506/1/22
6/18/22B1Bucket BasketMeg Kupiec$175$156/8/22
6/18/22 – 6/19/22S1Creative MetalworkingPiper Strong$275$756/8/22
6/26/22F10Woven JournalsJean Reed$200$706/16/22
6/25/22 – 6/26/22W4Introduction to Green Wood Spoon CarvingAndre Souligny$275$256/15/22
7/7/22S6Junk JournalsJean Reed$175$506/27/22
7/8/22 – pm onlyA2Watercolor JournalingSandi Cirillo$100$126/28/22
7/4/22 – 7/8/22A6Intaglio Printmaking WorkshopRoger Hyndman$485Variable 
7/8/22B3Shaker Pincushion BasketsJean Reed$175$756/28/22
7/8/22 – am onlyJ7Let’s Make Some JewelrySandi Cirillo$100$106/28/22
7/9/22F6Botanical PrintingSandi Cirillo$175$356/29/22
7/9/22B2Pottery Bowl Weaving Jean Reed$225$806/29/22
7/9/22 – 7/10/22W5Intermediate Green Wood Spoon and Utensil MakingAndre Souligny$275$256/29/22
7/9/22 – 7/10/22S3Craft Creative Cards Dona Nazarenko$275$406/30/22
7/11/22 – 7/15/22Q2Quilter’s ChoiceSusan Damone Balch$485None7/1/22
7/11/22S8Alcohol Inks:  The BasicsNancy Monson$175$207/1/22
7/12/22F1Painting on Fabric 1: Silk PaintingNancy Monson$175$257/2/22
7/13/22F2Painting on Fabric 2: Painting on Cotton FabricNancy Monson$175$207/3/22
7/14/22 – am onlyF3Painting on Fabric 3: Fabric Books and NotecardsNancy Monson$100$207/4/22
7/14/22F11Hand Embroidered LandscapesDenise Sokolsky$175$157/4/22
7/14/22 – 7/15/22S7Spinning Gold: 2-Day Writing WorkshopChristine Halvorson$275$57/4/22
7/15/22 – 7/17/22F8Punch Needle Rug HookingLayne Herschel$355$50-1007/5/22
7/15/22 – 7/17/22A1Basic DrawingDeborah Gentile$355None7/5/22
7/16/22 – 7/17/22S4Creative MetalworkingPiper Strong$275$757/6/22
7/18/22 – 7/22/22J1*Silver Fabrication for All AgesHarold Bosco$485$20 lab fee + materials7/8/22
7/23/22J4Birch Bark JewelryDona Nazarenko$175$487/13/22
7/22/22 – 7/23/22S10Stenciled Game Board Floorcloth Janet Flinchbaugh$275$607/12/22
7/23/22 – 7/24/22W1Shaker Oval Box Making BasicsEric Pintar$275$657/13/22
7/24/22S2Birch Bark BowlsDona Nazarnko$175$327/14/22
7/23/22 – 7/25/22C1Hand Building Clay and Wheel ThrowingCarole Carr$355$507/13/22
7/25/22 – 7/28/22W2Shaker Carriers, Trays and Special ProjectsEric Pintar$425Variable7/15/22
7/25/22 – 7/28/22J2Silver Fabrication Open StudioDebi Orton$50/day$5 lab fee/day + materials7/15/22
7/30/22 – 8/1/22C2Glazing, Painting and Embellishing Bisque PiecesCarole Carr$355$507/20/22
8/3/22 – 8/5/22E1Theorem PaintingMary Avery$355$157/24/22
8/1/22 – 8/5/22J3*Introduction to Silver Fabrication (All Ages)Harold Bosco$355$20 lab fee + materials7/22/22
8/6/22 – 8/7/22W6Woodland Spoon Carving Bench ConstructionAndre Souligny$275$357/27/22
8/6/22 – 8/7/22J6Creating Custom Cabochon SettingsDebi Orton$275$10 lab fee + materials7/27/22
8/8/22 – 8/12/22Q3Quilter’s ChoiceSusan Damone Balch$485None7/28/22
8/13/22 – 8/14/22G1Beginner/Intermediate Stained GlassBarbara Klumb$275$508/3/22
8/18/22 – 8/22/22F9Introduction to WeavingSusan Rockwell$485$5088/22
8/19/22 – pm onlyF7Silk ShiboriSandi Cirillo$100$128/9/22
8/19/22 – am onlyA3Beginning DrawingSandi Cirillo$100$128/9/22
8/15/22 – 8/19/22G2Stained Glass Open WorkshopBarbara Klumb$485Variable8/5/22
8/20/22 – am onlyA4Watercolor “Play” DaySandi Cirillo$100$108/10/22
8/21/22 – 8/22/22S5Creative MetalworkingPiper Strong$275$758/11/22
8/27/22 – 8/29/22Q4Liberated QuiltingSusan Damone Balch$380None8/17/22
*NOTE: Silver Fabrication classes J1 and J3 are open to Young Artists at Young Artists tuition rates.

Young Artist Classes

NOTE: Young Artist tuition includes a $5 one-time registration fee. If you have already paid the fee, it will be deducted from your total before your card is charged.

DateClass NoClassInstructorTuitionMaterials FeeRegistration Deadline
6/27/22 – 6/30/22Y9Create, Imagine, Explore with Ms. KarnerRachel Karner$217$306/17/22
7/4/22 – 7/8/22Y1Silver Fabrication for Young ArtistsHarold Bosco$280$95 materials + lab6/24/22
7/6/22 – 7/8/22Y4Craft Creative Cards (Ages 11 -14)Dona Nazarenko$195$396/26/22
7/12/22Y7Hand Stitching for Kids (Ages 7-10)Denise Sokolsky$90$157/2/22
7/13/22Y8Upcycling with Reverse Applique (Ages 15-17)Denise Sokolsky$90$157/3/22
7/22/22Y5Children’s Junk Journals (Ages 5 – 14)Jean Reed$63$407/12//22
7/29/22Y6Parent/Child Project:  Weaving a Footstool (Ages 7 – 14)Jean Reed$63$657/19/22
7/25/22 – 7/29/22Y10Clay for Young ArtistsKim Carr$280$307/15/22
8/14/22 – 8/17/22Y11Create, Imagine, Explore with Ms. KarnerRacher Karner$217$308/4/22
8/18/22Y2Kids Create (Ages 7 – 10)Sandi Cirillo$90$58/8/22
8/21/22Y3Kids Have Fun! (Ages 11 -14)Sandi Cirillo$90$58/11/22