While we have cancelled our Young Artists program, June classes and summer festivals, we are looking forward to running limited classes in July and August. Our space will accommodate social distancing, so you can relax and enjoy a creative time with our talented instructors.

The dining hall will not be serving food or beverages, but everyone is welcome to bring their own for mid-day lunches. Unfortunately, we will not have on-campus lodging, but can recommend some local places to stay.

In the meantime, we have added ONLINE CLASSES, which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. We also have our ANNUAL RAFFLES available for purchase on our website. Drawings for all raffles will be December 1st.

Our Gift Shop will not be open in it’s physical location, but look for us to bring some hand crafted treasures to you via our website.

In these unusual times, we very much appreciate our fabulous members, students, instructors and supporters. As a non-profit organization, we exist to bring you the fun of learning fine arts and crafts in the beautiful mountains of Vermont. While we are limited physically, we do want to connect and stay in touch with you until we can meet again in person. All donations, memberships, and purchases will sustain us until we can see you again! Be well and we miss you!!

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