Hi! Meet my new colleague, Piper Strong, who just started an exciting new position. Piper is a well-known metalwork artist who teaches workshops at The Farm.

She knows that at the heart of The Farm is dedicated to arts education and helping people follow their creative dreams. Students of all ages and abilities have been coming here for over 75 years to explore crafts!

This week, Piper was named as the new interim Chairperson of the Fletcher Farm School’s Board of Directors. Basically, she gets to be one of the leaders who will guide the School during an important time of renewal and change.

The School has been struggling lately. So we are pausing regular workshops during 2024 to focus on revitalizing things and making the arts more available. Piper will work with volunteers and supporters on new plans and events aimed at bringing more stability and community involvement.  

“As a teaching artist here for years, I care deeply about Fletcher Farm School’s mission and community,” stated incoming chair Piper Strong. “I look forward to collaborating with other artists, educators, members, and supporters to strategize an updated vision and sustainable model for the School.”


Piper has always been passionate about giving back through the arts. I’m excited for her to share her artistic vision, ideas for workshops, and leadership experience with Fletcher Farm School as we transition to a new beginning. With help from folks as creative and dedicated as Piper, I’m hopeful the School can rebuild and reopen better than ever to continue its mission of accessible arts education. 

It will be wonderful to have Piper involved in contributing to its enrichment as both an artist and community leader. I think everyone will appreciate how hard she’ll work to secure The Farm’s future as a home for artistic exploration and growth!

Watch for an invitation to a welcome reception soon!

Best wishes,
Development Director